min-it Help & Troubleshooting

Quick steps to run min-it Rice follow the steps after download

  • 1. Download the xorice.zip and extract to your c: drive
  • 2. From the file explorer click c:\xorice\start_server.bat
  • 3. From your browser address bar type http://localhost/
    you'll see the XO home page
  • 4. For help check the \xorice\readme.txt

Below is more information about running min-it Rice:

1, simply copy the whole /xorice directory into your machine's C drive
2, if MySQL is running as a windows service on your machine, stop the service
3, if Tomcat is running on port 8080 on your machine, stop tomcat or re-config your tomcat to use another port.
4, from C:/xorice/xampp, click on xampp-control.exe, this will pop up a console named "XAMPP control Panel" with 5 modules listed, they are "Apache", "MySql", "FileZilla", "Mercury" and "Tomcat"
5, click the "start" button for Apache, MySQL and Tomcat (with the check boxes in front of them unchecked), this will start these servers.
6, After you see "running" in a green background showing after the module name, you can click on the "Admin" button to verify the server status
7, open a browser, and fill in http://localhost/kr-dev, this will point you to rice portal
8, to stop, click on the "Stop" button for the server you want to stop

Miscellaneous steps:
1, if you want to relocate this tool to another dir structure instead if xorice, you can click on the "Setup" Button and choose option 2
2, if this tool accidently removes your window's MySql service, you can run:
>"%MYSQL_HOME%/bin/mysqld" --install (example "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin\mysqld" --install) then go to windows service admin to start mysql service

Known Issues:
1. Sometimes tomcat does not shut down from the control panel, in that event you can kill the process javaw.exe from the task manager. We'll provide a fix when we have one available.