Vizualization (XO+Rice)

The current economy has created a challenging development environment which has forced businesses to reassess many projects, by either postponing them, or abandoning them completely. Visualization tools can be used to enable the University to adopt a different approach to software application development, and greatly improve the development time, and avoid costly mistakes caused by misunderstanding of the business requirements.

Application visualization can be done within a matter of hours to give users some insight into what that system will look like and how it will work. It also allows for early discovery of whether a developer has missed the mark in terms of creating what the user wants.

As an example iRise is an enterprise visualization platform used to quickly assemble working previews of business software that mimic the exact look, feel and behavior of the final product. iRise empowers stakeholders to test drive and fully interact with proposed business software before any coding which eliminates confusion about what to build, cuts project cost and accelerates delivery.

XO+Rice could be used to bridge the gap between visualization & development