Featured Product – XOChameleon

chameleon logoXO is excited about its latest project, XOChameleon, which is currently being developed.

An open source solution which, as the name suggests, is a flexible alternative to client only Web 2.0 projects, and portal implementations.

Many organizations have to deal with the challenge of consolidating application content from multiple sources to create a single user experience, and this is where XOChameleon aims to provide a solution.

XOChameleon At A Glance

image of xochameleonDesigned to provide an alternative to client only Web 2.0 projects, XOChameleon retains all of the flexibility benefits.

An alternative to heavyweight Portal implementations, but still providing the aggregation and modularity benefits.

Provides an organized architecture through models and standards, and supports a distributed UI/UX which builds on SOA principles.

Provides business and development tools that encourage participation and information
sharing between business and technical groups.

Promotes the use of reusable patterns, facilitates easy documentation and modularity.

Provides an easy to use framework that can be extended to meet changing business

Platform independent with respect to the web oriented resources being implemented
on, and presented through, the XOC backbone.

A reference implementation is expected in the Spring of 2014.


Rice Collaboration Team Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended the collaboration meeting today. We are currently working on the google code project that will allow you to download some of the samples shown today. In the meantime, if you think of any additional questions please post a comment or send an email to info@xoframework.org.


Kuali Days 2011

Thanks to everyone who attended the presentation on Tuesday 11/15 and some of the great feedback we received.

Build Rice Applications Graphically using XO Drag and Drop UI Tools and Rice 2.0 KRAD

Kuali Days was a great success, but if you were not able to attend, and want to see the latest XO presentation video, click the link below


XO Visual Designer 2.0 Video

For those who did attend feel free to share the link with your colleagues


Coming soon! Min-IT Rice 2.0

XORice integrated virtual environment 0.9.1 for windows

min-it Rice + xotools for Windows is an integrated environment for evaluating and developing applications with Kuali Rice.

The distribution has been updated to include the XO Visual Designer tools shown in the presentation video. Use the download link below to obtain the latest version. For more information please see the XO User Guide Google Doc for general information and help getting started with the tools. The distribution includes the source code for both the visual designer and edoclite transformation components.
download min-it Rice + xotools


If you would like to download the xotools without min-it Rice please use this link …
download xotools only

The min-it Rice platform goal is to significantly reduce the installation time associated with getting the Kuali Rice framework up and running for both evaluation and development and provide a distribution platform for XO tools and extensions in the future.


Quick steps to install & run min-it Rice

  • 1. Click here to download the xorice.zip and extract to your c: drive
  • 2. From the file explorer click c:\xorice\start_server.bat
  • 3. From your browser address bar type http://localhost/ – you’ll see the XO home page
  • 4. For help check the \xorice\readme.txt

To log into the Rice Portal use the “admin” user

If you have any problems, just let us know at info@xoframework.org